Mini Spray Gun HVLP 2000G

Professional mini topcoat gun type HVLP 2000G (Very professional quality) For example, the finishing work of airbrushing, custom paint, etc. and for spraying larger areas!


Professional mini topcoat gun type HVLP 2000G
(Very professional quality)

For example, the finishing work of airbrushing, custom paint, etc. and for spraying larger areas!

This haze reducing coatgun excels in a very small spray, low air consumption and very good atomization.
By HVLP technology (High Volume Low Pressure) high volume and low pressure to more than 30% savings of paint and you have virtually no overspray!


HVLP version (high volume low pressure)
Stainless steel needle / nozzle 0.8 mm
Professional butterfly nozzle
Stainless steel paint cup 125ml
Working pressure 2,5 – 3,5 bar
Air consumption 30-45 liters / min
Connection 1/4 bu
1 year warranty (. Needles and nozzles)


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