Mini Topcoat gun – Spray gun HVLP 2006 0,8 mm

Professional mini Topcoat gun – Spray gun type HVLP 2006 0.8mm (Very professional quality) For example, the finishing work of airbrushing, custom paint, etc. and for spraying larger areas!


Professional mini Topcoat gun – Spray gun type HVLP 2006 0.8mm
(Very professional quality)

For example, the finishing work of airbrushing, custom paint, etc. and for spraying larger areas!

This haze reducing lakpistool excels in a very small spray, low air consumption and very good atomization.
By HVLP technology (High Volume Low Pressure) high volume and low pressure to more than 30% savings of paint and you have virtually no overspray!

Low budget topcoat gun


Pressure (bar-psi) 3bar (43psi)
Air connection: G1 / 4 ”
air capacity. (Cfm): 3.0-5.0cfm
Nozzle / Needle: 0.8mm
Paint cup capacity. (Ml): 125cc
Feed Type: Gravity


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