Portable Airbrush Spray Booth with Suction BD-512

  • Fengda Airbrush Brand – Powerful: 16 watts at an extraction rate of 4.3 cubic feet/minute at only 52 dB
  • LED Lights: LED lights line the top of the cab for better visibility while spraying
  • Lightweight, Portable and Compact: Easily folds into a suitcase shape with the carry handle for carrying or storage
  • Cabin Filter: 2-ply, high-density fiberglass cabin filter (aftermarket filters available)
  • Illuminated on/off switch; 22 cm diameter turntable: Allows you to reach all the areas to be painted

The large blower extracts spray mist and reduces fumes from airbrush and spray gun materials. Ideal for spraying models, small parts, ceramics, radio models, etc.

Powerful: 16 watts at a fan extraction rate of 4.3 cubic meters/minute.
Portable and Compact: Easily folds into a suitcase shape, with carrying handle for carrying or storing.
LED Lights: LED lights hem on the top to ensure better visibility.
Lighter: only 5.0 kg.
Exhaust hose: flexible hose with a maximum length of 2.7 meters.
To keep particles and fumes away from your work environment, place the 1 inch high*9.5 inch wide exhaust hose between a small window or a door gap.
Cabin filter: 2-layer high density fiberglass cabin filter (replacement filter available)
Diameter revolving turntable: allows to reach all areas to be painted.
Illuminated on/off switch.
Comprehensive manual of the spray booth (may not be available in Dutch).

DC Motor: Operates on 12V DC through a 220V AC adapter with direct connection.
Voltage: 220-250V/60Hz, 1.33A.
Extraction fan power: 16 watts.
Airflow: 4.3 cubic meters per minute extraction rate
Low noise: only 52 dB.
Electric cable: 1.6 meters.
Certificate: CE.
Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm: 290*400*215
Shipping weight: 5 kg.


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